Focussed reading and listening for the web

Reading on cluttered screens is difficult if you are neurodivergent or need to focus. Tapto removes noise, breaks content into readable blocks and adds audio

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Sometimes people need help to focus

People who have difficulty reading

Dyslexia, aphasia, ADHD, autism and other conditions can make focussing on text difficult

Tapto isolates individual sentences for easier reading.

People with English as a second language

Reading English can be difficult if it’s not your first language.

Tapto breaks content up into individual sentences and items.

Students, analysts, researchers

Lots of people need to be able to study content without distraction.

Tapto puts the focus on the sentence you are reading.

For anyone who needs to concentrate on content

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Tapto is a better way to read and listen to web content with focus

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  • Read, listen or both

  • Focus

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