Using the Tapto Reader

Focus mode

Tapto's reader is designed to make reading easier, it has two reading modes

When you first load the Reader you’ll be in focus mode, which puts the focus on what you’re reading one block at a time.

To move forwards, you just click or tap on the next block, which will be dimmed.

Tapto in focus mode

You can start to scroll at any time and the Reader will change to scan mode.

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Scan mode

In scan mode, you can move through an article by scrolling but content is still displayed in separated blocks.

Tapto in scan mode
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The toolbar

The reader toolbar

The toolbar at the bottom of the Reader displays:

  1. Your progress through the article
  2. The Play button for audio
  3. Access to audio speed control
  4. A menu icon to access to Reading Settings

Reading settings

The reading settings menu

You can use Reading Settings to:

  1. Choose a colour Theme by tapping on the down arrow next to the selected them
  2. Choose an audio reading voice in the same way
  3. Turn Previewing of Upcoming Content on or off - turning previewing off helps you focus on the sentence you’re reading by blurring the words of upcoming sentences.
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The article menu

The Tapto article menu

If you tap on the name of the article displayed in the header, a menu is displayed showing:

  1. The name and source of the article
  2. A switch to add the article to your Inbox
  3. A switch to add the article to your Favourites
  4. Any tags you have added to the article
  5. A link to visit the original page
  6. A button to Archive the article
  7. Another button to Delete it
  8. Metadata associated with the article
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